John BosmanJohn Bosman

John has been in the insurance industry for nearly 25 years. Having seen the business from the home office side as well as the agency side, he understands the reasons why the right coverage is so important. He really loves this stuff and is thrilled to be a part of the Reasons Insurance team. He is excited to be building long term meaningful relationships while making sure client’s businesses and personal lives are appropriately protected.

When not working in the business, John enjoys a great variety of hobbies such as gardening, including growing mushrooms, remodeling and spending time with his family. John and his wife love to spend time trying to keep up with their two teenagers soaking up all they can with them while they can.

Lori WagnerLori Wagner

Lori has been working in insurance for more than 25 years and has built strong and lasting relationships with clients in that time. She is thrilled in her role as a Team Agent at Reasons Insurance and enjoys being able to provide solutions for all insurance needs.
When she is not in the office, she loves to spend time gardening and enjoying both the role of mother and grandmother.

Jeri JelinekJeri Jelinek

Jeri has been in the insurance field for nearly 35 years! She is a second-generation insurance professional having experience in both the corporate side, as well as the agency side.

She takes great pride knowing that with her years of experience, she is able to help educate and guide clients with their insurance needs. She enjoys coming to work every day knowing that she can make a difference in making sure clients have the insurance they need as well as understand the reasons they need it!

She is a proud mother of 2 children, 3 stepchildren, a daughter-in-law, and 4 grandchildren! Together with her husband, she loves to travel with friends and family, watch movies, and take long drives in their Mustang.

Matt CisnerosMatt Cisneros

Matt has been an agent for over 5 years but his experience in the real estate and mortgage industries before have served him well. Matt loves insurance. He truly can think of nothing more fulfilling than knowing he has done his part to help find the perfect protection for the things his clients work so hard for.

Matt married his high school sweet heart and has a full agenda keeping up with the football, baseball, basketball and gymnastics of his 5 great kids. Matt found a very personal reason for understanding how precious life is when at just three years old, his son was diagnosed with an aggressive childhood leukemia. With friends and family by their side, the devastation gave way to elation when, after a hard fight, the cancer was beat. This led him to more than a handful of revelations, including finding the opportunity to get into the insurance industry, which is a perfect fit.

Michele Williams

We were fortunate to win Michele back to our team in a full-time role. Michele had been part-time for us but when she was ready for a full-time role, we had no spot just then. As soon as one became available, she was our first phone call. Michele is now a critical part of our team.

Michele is a dedicated mother who loves to read and listen to music that makes her soul dance. Fortunately for her kids, she loves to cook and clean as well. No kidding! When we first met her, she was looking into making cleaning her profession. We are thrilled she has opted for working on our team instead.

Kim HallKim Hall

Kim is the friendly voice on the phone that you hear when we call for your annual insurance review. As our primary point of outreach for our agency, she makes sure that we stay connected with all our clients on a regular basis. Kim is a dedicated mom and wife and we feel fortunate to have her on our team with what little time she can spare for us.

Peter WilsonPeter Wilson

With over 30 years of experience in insurance, Pete is a committed commercial insurance expert. Pete is based out of the St Cloud Area, helping medium to large businesses all across the Midwest. Having tried to retire once already, Pete loves his clients and the business too much to stay away. Even while retired he stopped in to visit with past clients so he decided to jump back into the business with both feet. When not driving from business to business, Pete enjoys hunting, fishing and staying involved in both politics and his church.


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