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Find great condo insurance in Minnesota (or nearly any other state) with a free quote comparison.

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Finding great condominium insurance is easy with Atlas Insurance Brokers.

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There’s no need to shop around for insurance quotes – we’ll do it for you! We offer over 50 top insurance companies.

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Condo Insurance Coverage

Personal Liability

Covers damage and injury that you or a resident family member cause to another.


Covers damage to your unit, usually from the walls in.

Personal Property

Covers losses to your possessions, like clothing, furniture, electronics, and more.

Loss of Use

Covers temporary living expenses if you’re unable to inhabit your home after a covered incident.

Medical Payments

Covers minor medical bills (without regard to fault) for guests injured on your property.

Water / Sewer Backup

Covers damage that results from a backed up sewer/drain or a sump pump failure.

Loss Assessment

Covers assessments from your HOA for which you’re responsible, such as a shared deductible on the HOA policy.

Personal Injury

Covers unintentional libel or slander damages you or a resident family member cause to another.

What is condo insurance?

Condo insurance is similar to homeowners insurance, with some key differences. A condo policy typically only covers your unit from the walls in, since your homeowner association policy usually covers the structure and common areas. Each HOA policy can vary, so it’s important to review what’s needed and configure your condo policy to cover any gaps left by your association.

Minnesota condo insurance - A row of townhomes with living area above the garage.

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