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Going Camping? Keep Your High-Tech Gadgets Safe

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First things first: Do you really need to bring your tablet or laptop on your camping trip? If you don’t need it, don’t bring it. If you do bring valuables, follow these tips to help keep them safe:

  1. Make a list, and check it. “Pack it in, pack it out” usually refers to garbage, not electronics, but keeping an inventory of everything you brought will help ensure everything also makes it back home.
  2. If you’re going out, lock up your stuff. The best place to put things is in your car if it’s nearby — it’s a lot more secure than your tent. Keep valuable items out of plain view, wherever they are.
  3. Create a ‘neighborhood watch.’ Getting to know the people at nearby campsites can build more than friendships — it also can increase safety. Offer to watch their site while they take off for a while, and have them do the same for you.
  4. Don’t forget the animals. No, they aren’t after your iPad. But, a bear rummaging for food isn’t exactly going to tiptoe around just to spare your expensive devices. So, don’t attract critters. Clean up your site regularly, and never leave out food or garbage.
  5. Ask around about security. If there’s campground staff around, or campers who have been on site for longer than you, ask them how secure things are. Have there been any thefts? Are unfamiliar people wandering around? You’ll want to secure your items no matter what, obviously, but it’s always good to know if there are specific safety threats.
  6. Review your insurance coverage. If you have an RV, it’s a good idea to review the policy with us to make sure you’ve got the appropriate coverage for personal effects, among others.

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