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Do You RV? You’ll Want This Important Coverage

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RV insurance is similar to auto insurance in that it covers your vehicle for comprehensive, collision, and liability. In addition to these are several coverage options that are unique to RV’s. They include:

  • Vacation Liability / Campsite Liability
  • Full Timer Coverage
  • Towing & Roadside Coverage

Vacation Liability / Campsite Liability

You’re enjoying a s’more at the bonfire with a few friends staying in the RV park. Before you know it, your friend’s child trips over a log and falls into the fire. You pull him out right away but not before he experiences severe burns on his hands and arms. It doesn’t take long before the medical bills are over $20,000. Your homeowners insurance won’t cover you for this type of loss off premises. Luckily, vacation liability coverage will pay for accidents like this when you’re deemed liable.

Full Timer Coverage

For those road warriors who use their RV as a primary residence. Full Timer Coverage can add personal liability coverage, medical payments to others, and even coverage for contents in a storage shed.

Towing & Roadside Coverage

Although this is also a common coverage with auto insurance, the cost to tow an RV varies greatly from a personal auto. RV roadside coverage will get your vehicle off the roadside and to a repair facility.

Contact us before you hit the road this summer to ensure you’ve got the proper coverage for all of life’s adventures.

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